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Mogwai's facts in english


Mogwai vom Lech-Toller Nest is a curious and friendly fellow, that is “brisk ahead of the pack”, but never a “headless daredevil”. He pursues his aims with big perseverance, relentlessly through any area with a lot of work pleasure. Already at an early puppy’s age he was on the move with a big radius in the open area. He is a passionate hunter with the will to cooperate with the dog driver.

He certainly is “Monsieur 20.000 volts”: an absolute live wire with a lot of charm. He bursts with temperament, working pleasure and a joy of life that initially stood in his way at work. Mogwai works very independently, at breakneck speed, aim-oriented and reliable.

Mogwai’s talents for hunting are extremely distinct, in particular his routing and prey desire and above all sensitive nose. He has well learned to concentrate when tracking. In the meantime, he enthusiastically and faithfully works to track down 1000 mtrs of overnight scent-shoe-trails. Right from the outset he was very fond of water and spontaneously at the game, he is loud at sight and bays cornered prey – also quarry.

Mogwai is a very expressive, self confident male with “will to please” and lot of charm. Towards humans and dogs he is always friendly, interested and in no way dominant.

In his curiosity, fondness of work and perseverance he is a perfect allrounder: in addition to hunting work he is on the move for sporting activities, fast and determined, in the Agility course as well as in concentrated Obedience duty... no matter if it's repeated ten times or more ...

Mogwai's Businesscard in English

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