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Jesper's facts in english

Jesper vom Lech-Toller Nest is a noted friendly male dog who likes to play and has a lot of energy, perseverance and temperament. He looks and enjoys the community of the pride and is very sociable in contact with other dogs. He is very patient and docile, especially with his little friend Mogwai.

During the hunting work, Jesper is very teachable and shows much joy and insistence. He watches the events with intent attention. He also likes water and takes every terrain, every natural cover and he is spontaneous with regard to the game. In his young days, Jesper encountered his first living duck by chance on a rabbit trail: he spontaneously took the duck and brought it unhurt – afterwards he also brought the rabbit.

Jesper is working very calmly, concentrated and reliably on the blood track; he wants to find. Though he is optically orientated, he also uses his fine nose very efficiently.

At home, he is quiet and even-tempered. He likes to play whenever Mogwai invites him and he also requests Mogwai to snuggle with him. Being curious and interested, he consistently learns new tricks. Jesper is always a loyal companion, who likes to be present everywhere. He lives as family dog with us, two adults, and his friend Mogwai vom Lech-Toller Nest, who is two years younger. Living in a small house with garden surrounded by nature, he loves our daily extensive walks. In this context, Jesper also presents himself as reliable and obedient gundog.

Jesper's Businesscard in English

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